Tracking Porirua's rig sharks

Malcolm Francis
Warrick Lyon

Hi, I’m Warrick Lyon. I’m a marine biologist studying the mysterious lives of rig sharks in Porirua Harbour, Wellington. Below you see can see where the tagged sharks are and learn about the accurate new tracking technology I use.

There’s a lot going on beneath the surface!


Rig shark map

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Tracking rig sharks in Porirua Harbour

Rig sharks

Rig sharks are only found in the coastal waters around New Zealand but most people have never heard of them…


I’m using a new tracking technique to expose the secrets of rig. Because it’s quite shallow in the estuary…

About me

I have always had a fascination and love of what’s in the water, starting as a kid searching through rock pools…


My latest news and musings regarding rig sharks, marine life and Porirua Harbour.


Teacher resources for rig sharks in the classroom.


Marine education and Porirua links for further reading.

If you have found damaged or misplaced tracking equipment please let me know, I would appreciate it.

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