Tracking Porirua's rig sharks



My latest news and musings regarding rig sharks, marine life and Porirua Harbour.

Shark tagging and animal welfare

21st November, 2017

When shark tracking, it is important to never over-burden your shark with tracking tags that are too big, too heavy, or too limiting. It is important to record the natural movements of sharks, not the movements of an over-burdened shark. To achieve this we always…

The rig sharks have gone

26th May, 2017

My last two fishing trips to Pauatahanui inlet have caught zero rig sharks.

A book launch

12th April, 2017

Thanks to everyone who helped make last night’s book launch for ‘NZ’s great white sharks’ such a memorable event, either by helping organise it and by being there.

A new book on great white shark research in NZ

10th April, 2017

A new shark book has been published by Alison Ballance on the last 10 years of great white shark research in NZ. This is a great book that tells you how shark scientists have learnt what they have during the 10 years of research. Leading…

The latest March tracks

21st March, 2017

I was out on the water last week (mid March) and got these two tracks from two females. The yellow track is from a ~80 cm female rig, the red trail is from a 90 cm female rig.

Freezing on Sunday morning

19th March, 2017

It was a lovely morning on Sunday, but it was FREEZING, it was 10 degrees when I drove out to the inlet, and I didn’t take off any of my woolen jumpers until 10:30, and to make it worse I only caught one rig shark…

Talking rig sharks at Paremata primary school

10th March, 2017

I was invited to Paremata Primary School on Friday to visit Room 12 and talk to the kids about sharks in Pauatahanui inlet. They had lots of great questions to ask me.

Where are the sharks in February

28th February, 2017

So where did they all go? In November there were lots, December and January there were lots, but by February… whoosh gone. I’m thinking that maybe the October to January sharks are here to give birth and mate, the sharks that come from March to…

Labour Day on Porirua Harbour

24th October, 2016

I spent Labour Day holiday installing my shark tracking routers into Pauatahanui inlet.

A crazy looking shark from the Arabian Gulf

16th May, 2016

What happens when a shark gets its head squashed by a piano? A guitarfish.

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