Tracking Porirua's rig sharks


A crazy looking shark from the Arabian Gulf

16th May, 2016

Giant Guitarfish (Rhynchobatus djiddensis)

What happens when a shark gets its head squashed by a piano? A guitarfish. I'm working in the Arabian Gulf at the moment, doing fisheries research, and yesterday we caught a giant guitarfish. Sharks like this one can grow up to 3 m long, luckily this wasn't that big being only 1.5 m long. After a quick examination, some measurements, he was returned to the water, and swam away.

Some giant guitarfish facts…

They are coloured light brown on top with lots of white spots over much of their body. They are white underneath.

There numbers are believed to be decreasing due to high levels of fishing pressure

Although they can grow much biger than humans, guitarfish are harmless to humans.

They are not found in Porirua Harbour, or anywhere in New Zealand, but you can find them in Australia.

They are the coolest looking shark ever.


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