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My latest news and musings regarding rig sharks, marine life and Porirua Harbour.

There are still rig sharks around, but not many

14th April, 2016

I spent 5 hours fishing and only caught two adult male sharks.

Talking about sharks at Paremata School

13th April, 2016

Spoke to a class at Paremata School today all about the sharks of Porirua Harbour.

Currently tracking two female rig sharks

7th January, 2016

Currently tracking two female rig sharks in Porirua Harbour, where will they go next?

Mobilisation Day

24th October, 2015

I had to wait ten days for the weather to be calm enough to put my equipment out into the Pauatahanui inlet. Today I got the opportunity to get the essential equipment in and was also able to catch and track a rig shark.

The sharks have arrived

14th October, 2015

Today was the first calm day of the season, I went out in Pauatahanui inlet to see if any sharks had arrived yet? In 2.5 hours I caught 17 rig sharks, tagged all of them with uniquely numbered Fisheries Tags (see photo) and returned them…

Great white shark research

8th June, 2015

Now my rig research has finished for the season, I get to go to Stewart Island as part of a NIWA and Department of Conservation research program to better understand the great white sharks of Stewart Island.

Seasons end

1st June, 2015

I have resource consent to have my scientific equipment in Pauatahanui inlet from August to May, so on the first of June I removed all my scientific equipment from the inlet. The routers will be serviced during the winter, ready for the next season.

Tag aerial angles

30th May, 2015

One of the best things about building your own shark tracking system is getting to learn EVERYTHING about it.

Do the same rig sharks use Porirua Harbour each year?

23rd May, 2015

Rig sharks spend most of their year outside Porirua Harbour, with the largest numbers found inside the harbour during December and January (Jones and Hadfield 1985). I attach numbered fisheries tags (in photo) to all the rig sharks I catch, with the hope that recatching…

3-days of rig shark tracking

7th May, 2015

3-days of tracking a large female rig shark in Pauatahanui inlet.

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